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Our skin is one part of our body that we tend to take care of. This is usually thanks to a variety of reasons, from not wanting to deal with the painful touch of a sunburn to concern about the way we look. When we are younger, our skin problems seem insurmountable and especially noteworthy. After all, we all had a case of acne before a big dance in high school.

advanced dermatology

When we get older, though, we tend to blame the passage of time and either fight against it and get discouraged with every failed product or we just accept that time is something that can’t be stopped. However, there are products available that can work to make sure your skin stays in the form that you would like rather than forcing you to accept your changing appearance.

One such contender is a company called Advanced Dermatology. The question that we are aiming to answer today is what are Advanced Dermatology products and if they work as well as the company promises. In addition, we will look at how Advanced Dermatology as a product compares to other similar products.

This way, you can make an educated decision without having to comb through a separate article for every option and consider comparisons on your own. After all, you deserve to look the way you would like and smooth skin isn’t a goal that can’t be reached. So, without further ado, let’s look at some Advanced Dermatology reviews to see if it could be just the thing you have been looking for!

What is Advanced Dermatology as a Company?

Before we look into what the skin care products Advanced Dermatology offers, let’s take a look at what the company – which goes by the same name as their product - has to offer in and of itself. Surprisingly, for us hearing so much about their product, the answer is relatively little. As for the company itself, the most we know is that it is located in New York and focuses its work on solely on skin care.

In addition, their products are limited to the Advanced Dermatology skin care product that we are reviewing today. As of this time, this is the only product they produce and offer to their customers. We are also unsure of any plans that Advanced Dermatology may have for expansion or the development of new products.

What is Advanced Dermatology as a Product?

Now that we have gone over what little we know about Advanced Dermatology in regards as a company, it is important that we consider what product we are actually talking about. Advanced Dermatology is a package of five different face creams to help various aspects of the aging process and lifting the wrinkles and fine lines from your face. In addition, though, this product can also help with adult acne, blackheads, and any other blemishes you may have to deal with in your adult life.

advanced dermatology reviews

To help you with any blemishes or unwanted side effects of aging, the Advanced Dermatology system comes with the following components that were originally named Deep Wrinkle Firming Skin Quench, Overnight Resurrection, Super Youth Serum, Healing Foam Cleanse, and Daily Sun Defense. Respectively, they have been renamed recently as Deep Cellular Regeneration Cream, Anti-Wrinkle Firming Night Treatment, Super Youth Serum, Daily Renew Cleanser, and Complete Age Defense Day Cream.

The purposes of these facial cleansers being so varied actually serves an important purpose. That is to make sure that all your bases are covered so, you don’t have to worry that while you are taking care of one aspect of your skin, another skin problem will arise. However, we will look at them individually in a moment.

What is in the Advanced Dermatology Products?

advanced dermatology products

An important and fair question to ask is what is in these products. This is, of course, especially important to ask if you have allergies to any of the materials that are usually in cosmetic products. Unfortunately, Advanced Dermatology doesn’t release this information on their website and it is nearly impossible to find elsewhere.

The Advanced Dermatology website does, however, offer a bit of a list for the ingredients. We note specifically that it is a partial list because these ingredients are not all that is involved in making these products but only the main ingredients. In addition, they do not specify in which face cream or formula each ingredient is in. However, it is important that we go over what we know all the same.

· There is a litany of age antagonist biomimetic peptides, stem cells, and growth factors. These are used to help boost the elasticity of your skin via collagen, elastin, and keratin. In simpler terms, these ingredients aid Advanced Dermatology products in allowing your skin to stay tight and young rather than allowing it to sag and wrinkle.

advanced dermatology skin care

· Next up on our list of main ingredients we have bio-concentrated antioxidants as well as various vitamins. This offers a safe and effective barrier around your skin to help keep dirt and other unfortunate materials in your environment from finding their way into your pores.

· Fluorocarbons are the next ingredient that is up on the list. This is the ingredient that gives you the drastic improvement of your wrinkles and fine lines. The results have been compared to BOTOX without being as invasive.

· A rarer ingredient on their list is a low molecular weight substance that is called hyaluronic acid. This not only helps to hydrate your skin, but thanks to the smaller polymers it helps the formula to sink into your skin better as well as works as a natural filler for your skin.

· Retinol is another ingredient you may have heard of. Advanced Dermatology uses a slightly different, less irritating version of this ingredient known as encapsulated Retinaldehyde. This is used in addition to similar ingredients to help brighten your skin.

· For extra hydration and protection, Advanced Dermatology also employs the help of oligosaccharides, phospholipids, and polysaccharides.

advanced dermatology skin care reviews

· Advanced Dermatology also boast the use of 20+ other anti-aging ingredients to help you achieve bright, young, and hydrated skin.

There are two ways you can look at this lack of transparency; one more concerning than the other. On the more concerning note, not knowing every single one of the ingredients are is a notable risk to anyone new to the product. After all, we use ingredient lists to make sure that you get an idea as to if you will be able to use the product you have spent your money on or if you will have an allergic reaction to a material you didn’t know was in the formula.

On the other hand, you could give the company the benefit of the doubt. Especially since the company is rather new, they may not disclose all ingredients to be sure that the formula won’t be stolen while they try to make a name for themselves. However, the perspective you take on this is up to you. While it is best to keep both points of view in mind, make sure that you don’t disregard your own safety in the meantime.

To be fair, though, we should note that in the ingredients that Advanced Dermatology does declare publicly shouldn’t be automatically written off is the larger chemical names that are mentioned. Knowing exactly what each of these means isn’t crucial as long as you understand that none of them are dangerous to the average person.

On a brighter note, the ingredients of these products are available to you on the bottles after purchase. While the website itself is barely helpful in detailing this, we will list the ingredients to each of these products momentarily as we go over them individually.

Advanced Dermatology Website

Now that we have mentioned the lack of ingredient disclosure on the Advanced Dermatology website, we feel as though we should go over how useful this website will be to you. The short answer is that it won’t be. It has only the bare minimum of what most skin care product websites have.

If you want to give Advanced Dermatology the benefit of the doubt, you could blame this on the size of the business. While it may be an online market with many customers, it is still a business that has one product that’s name doesn’t even differ from the name of the company.

However, we urge you to remember that this company has been around several years – long enough to have a decent website set up. If nothing else is added, they should at least have all the ingredients listed for customer perusal rather than a handful of more vague ingredients with no explanation of where they are used.

reviews of advanced dermatology

We do, on the other hand, appreciate the detail of a suggest regimen alongside short explanations of why each product in the kit is important. This helps us, as customers, understand why we are using all these products and how they work together to give us the results we are seeking.

How Do You Know if These Products are Safe for You?

Before we get into how to use these products, it is important that you understand how to check and see if you will have a reaction to the use of this kit. You can use this kit on any part of your body, but it is recommended that you use it on your face and neck.

The best place to check your tolerance for any face product is usually somewhere on your jawline. This is because it not only allows you to check on skin that is similar to what you will be using this kit on and you won’t have to worry about an obvious red or raw spot on your face.

The steadfast rule is, of course, if you leave this cream on your jawline for a little bit and you experience a burning, redness, or any other negative side effects that could portray an allergy, you shouldn’t use these products.

Importance of the Order of the Products in the Advanced Dermatology Kit

does advanced dermatology work

To get the most out of your Advanced Dermatology skin care, it is important that you follow all the instructions that the company gives you. Advanced Dermatology does give a step by step regimen to follow to get the most out of your treatment. As we mentioned before, using these products together rather than using a single facial cleanser or cream out of the kit will provide you with nearly flawless skin.

First Step of the Process: Daily Renew Cleanser (Healing Foam Cleanse)

The first thing you should use is the Daily Renew Cleanser, formerly known as the Healing Foam Cleanse. This formula is made to work as a high-performance cleanser. It won’t just remove the dirt from your face, though, it will give you a beautiful complexion in the process. This is because while it removes toxins, it does so in a way that won’t cause your skin to become dehydrated.

In addition to cleaning, though, your skin will appear brighter, smoother, toned, and with smaller pores than before. If you don’t get this result after your first use, though, don’t worry. In all likelihood, results of this or any cosmetic product are bound to take multiple uses.

As mentioned before, once the products are purchased, you can see what the ingredients in each product is. However, so you don’t waste time and money, we will list the ingredients of the Daily Renew Cleanser here so you don’t have to worry about spending money on a product that is useless to you:

· Distilled Water (Aqua)

· Sodium Olivate

· Glycerin

· Rosa Rubiginosa Seed Oil

· Eriobotrya Japonica Extract

· Chondrus Crispus Extract

· Asplathus Linearis Extract

· Organic Camellia Sinesis Extract

· Organic Aphanizomenon Floas Aquae Extract

· Organic Urtica Dioica Extract

· Organic Stellaria Media Extract

· Organic Ulmus Rubras Extract

· Organic Silybum Marianum Extract

· Organic Althaea Officialis Extract

· Avena Sativa Extract

· Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract

· Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil

· Citrus Paradisi Seed Oil

· Citrus Medica Limonum Peel Oil

· Sodium PCA

· Urea

· Trehalose

· Hexylene Glycol

· Polyquanternium-51

· Triacetin

· Caprylyl Glycol

· Sodium Hyaluronate

Second Step of the Process: Super Youth Serum

The second step that Advanced Dermatology recommends is their Super Youth Serum. As the name suggests, this serum will help you to have a younger and firmer appearance. This works by filling in and plumping your skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It will also hydrate your skin and soften the texture of it as well. The end result that you get from the Super Youth Serum should be a drastic improvement that looks natural at the same time. The following ingredients are used in this serum:

· Distilled Water (Aqua)

· Glycerin

· Dimethicone/ Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer

· Cyclomethicone

· Tetra Decyl Aminobutyroylvalylaminobutyric Urea Trifluoracetate

· Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5

· Palmitoyl Dipeptide-5 Diaminobutyroyl Hydroxythreonine

· Hyaluronic Acid

· Sodium PCA

· Urea

· Trehalose

· Hexylene Glycol

· Polyquaternium-51

· Triacetin

· Caprylyl Glycol

· Sodium Polyacrylate

· Xanthan Gum

· Rhododendron Ferrungineum Leaf Cell Culture Extract

· Isomalt

· Lecithin

· Sodium Bensoate

· Lactic Acid

· Phenoxyethonal

· Ethyhexyglycerin

Third Step of the Process: Anti-Wrinkle Firming Night Treatment (Overnight Resurrection)

Next up in the regimen is the Anti-Wrinkle Firming Night Treatment. As the name suggests, this is an overnight cream made to help with signs of aging such as wrinkles and sagging skin.

Rather than filling these wrinkles in for you, though, this serum helps to boost the production of collagen in your skin. This allows your skin to fill its own wrinkles in from inside. This allows an exceptionally natural result to form over time.

This treatment should help to make your skin look stronger, smoother, and renewed with this natural lift. It will help you reach that anti-aging, young glow that you are looking for with this kit. The ingredients in the Anti-Wrinkle Firming Night Treatment are:

· Chondrus Crispos Extract

· Distilled Water (Aqua)

· Hyaluronic Acid

· Acetyl Tetrapeptide-2

· Glycerin

· Sodium PCA

· Urea

· Trehalose

· Hexylene Glycol

· Polyquaternium-51

· Triacetin

· Caprylyl Glycol

· Phenoxyethanol

· Ethylglycerin

Fourth Step of the Process: Deep Cellular Regeneration Cream (Deep Wrinkle Firming Skin Quench)

The Deep Cellular Regeneration Cream is another anti-aging defense that the Advanced Dermatology kit offers you. This highly concentrated cream allows for you to work on the deepest layers of your skin in the easiest ways possible. All you have to do is apply the soft cream to your face and rest. The formula itself will do the work while you sleep.

reviews of advanced dermatology

The Deep Cellular Regeneration Cream works by penetrating down to the deepest layers of your skin to help restore natural firmness and elasticity. This will help your skin to tighten and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines. Since it is done from deep within as well, you won’t have to worry about a strange or obviously altered appearance. The ingredients of the Deep Cellular Regeneration Cream are as follows:

· Distilled Water (Aqua)

· Cetearyl Alcohol

· Cyclopentasiloxane

· Dimethicone

· Isopropyl Myristate

· Caprylic Capric Triglyceride

· Glycerin

· Citrus Aurautium Dulcis Callus Culture Extract

· Xanathan Gum

· Sodium Benzoate

· Gluconolactone

· Calcium Gluconate

· Squalane

· Hyaluronic Acid

· Polysorbate 60

· Phenoxyethanol

· Ethylhexylglycerin

Final Step of the Process: Complete Age Defense Day Cream (Daily Sun Defense)

The last step in Advanced Dermatology’s recommended regimen is to use the Complete Age Defense Day Cream, formerly known as the Daily Sun Defense Treatment. This is made to fix any visible signs of aging. Not only does it rid the skin of obvious signs of aging, though, it helps to promote youthful and radiant properties in your skin. The ingredients in this cream include the following:

· Distilled Water (Aqua)

· Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil

· Prunus Armeniaca Kernel Oil

· Hyaluronic Acid

· Enteromorpha Compressa Extract

· Palmaria Palmata Extract

· Ascophyllum Nodosum Extract

· Sorbitol

· Laureth-7

· C13-14 Isoparraffin

· Polyacrylamide

· Argan Oil

· Leontopodium Alpinum Extract

· Resveratrol

· Phenoxyethanol

· Ethylhexylglycerin

Optional Additional Step: Youthful Boost Eye Cream

reviews advanced dermatology

There is one more item that comes with the Advanced Dermatology skin care kit that we haven’t discussed and that is the Youthful Boost Eye Cream. When you think about signs of aging, you probably notice changes around your eyes first. These could include permanent dark circles, “crow’s feet” around your eyes, and more.

This is different from the other choices because the skin around your eyes are is different. Simply by touching this area of your face, you can probably tell the skin here is more delicate. As such, this formula is specially designed to work specifically with this type of skin for the best results without any issues. The ingredients for the Youthful Boost Eye Cream include the following:

· Distilled Water (Aqua)

· Simmondsia Chinesis Seed Oil

· Prunus Armeniaca Kernel Oil

· Squalane Hyaluronic Acid

· Phytonadione

· Arnica Montana Extract

· Oxido Reductases

· Glycine Soja Protein

· Hydrolzed Rice Bran Protein

· Laureth-7

· C13-14 Isoparaffin

· Polyacrylamide

· Glycerin

· Sodium PCA

· Urea

· Trehalose

· Hexylene Glycol

· Polyquaternium-51

· Triacetin

· Caprylyl Glycol

· Eriobotrya Japonica Extract

· Steareth-20

· Hydrosuccinimide

· Chrysin

· Palmitoyl Oligopetide

· Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide 7

· Phenoxyethanol

· Ethylhexylglycerin

When Should You Start Using the Advanced Dermatology Skin Care Kit?

reviews on advanced dermatology

While the Advanced Dermatology skin care kit is mostly focused on anti-aging, they suggest that you start using these kits as early as in your twenties. This may seem a little ridiculous but there are a couple reasons to follow their advice.

The first is that while the focus of this skin care kit is to reduce the appearance of aging, it does much more. It can also cleanse and hydrate your skin. This helps with pore size, acne, and more.

Aside from adult acne, though, Advanced Dermatology offers a reason why you should worry about anti-aging properties before they occur. The simplest way to explain this is being preemptive. If you begin to take care of your skin earlier on in life and can get a head start on promoting firmness and elasticity, then the job will be easier later on. Waiting until the wrinkles and aging spots begin to show to treat them will only make your quest to rid yourself from them that much more difficult.

Why is Advanced Dermatology or a Skin Care Kit Your Best Option?

When it comes down to it, why is buying a kit such as Advanced Dermatology the best choice you have? Well, there are two major reasons that this statement is true. First of all, buying a kit is usually cheaper – as are most things that you can buy in a bundle or in bulk.

The second choice is more results-oriented than practical advice. When you buy a kit, you know that the products inside were designed to work together and complement each other. However, if you are buying random products that target each of your problems separately, they may cancel out the effects of one another.

Why is Advanced Dermatology a Better Choice Than Silicone Skin Care Products?

Any treatment that uses silicone to help to smooth your skin and make it look younger. These results can, admittedly, be fantastic. However, silicone isn’t a permanent or long-term solution. When the silicone breaks down, you are back to square one and either searching for a new treatment or paying to have the silicone treatment repeated.

However, if you use something such as the Advanced Dermatology skin care kit, you know that what you are using was made to be used together. The ingredients in this skin care kit work together to provide the best results, each one targeting specific issues without putting too many chemicals into your skin in one product from the kit.

Why is it so Important to Use a Modern Product Such as Advanced Dermatology?

When we look at the market for cosmetology, there seems to be new products coming out constantly. Of course, new products have the price tag of a new product. However, what makes them worth it? Why spend the extra money on a new product instead of going with an older product that has been used for years?

The best way to think about this is to use an analogy; would you use a medicine that was popular a decade ago if your doctor was recommending something that came out a year ago? You probably wouldn’t, especially once you consider the scientific leaps and bounds made since the last product came out.

advanced dermatology product reviews

Cosmetology is no different. When you are considering changing the appearance of your skin or trying to turn back the clock on your aging, you are using chemicals to improve the composition of your skin. It is only in your own best interest to use formulas that use the most up-to-date formulas on your skin to ensure the best and safest results.

Newer formulas also tend to be more effective. While your older product may appear to work just as well, it is important to consider how deep these products work. If your wrinkles, lines, and aging spots are only being treated on the surface, your results won’t last anywhere near as long as those results that come from deep within your skin.

Is High Concentration an Important Feature?

So far, we have looked at all of the products in the Advanced Dermatology skin care kit and they describe themselves with a repeating phrase: highly concentrated formulas. When it comes down to it, though, what does that mean? Is it actually a significant fact to consider or is it just a marketing buzzword to persuade us as consumers?

In the end, the answer is yes, this is an important fact to consider. If you use a higher concentration of fantastic ingredients, the better and faster your product will work. This is, in part, thanks to the fact that with a higher concentration of ingredients, these creams and cleansers can penetrate deeper into the skin.

This is also thanks to the fact that these higher concentrations are used in creams that Advanced Dermatology makes thinner than their competitors. This is actually a good sign since a thinner cream will have an easier time penetrating deeper into the skin than a heavier, thicker cream that will only sit on the surface of the skin offering minimal or even no results. With the serum formulas that Advanced Dermatology uses, it is easy for these products to penetrate deep into the skin and get to work where they are needed right away.

Why Doesn’t Advanced Dermatology Use Jars?

You might be interested to learn, first, why so many companies do use jars. In a marketing study, it was discovered that the feel of a heavy jar or glass bottle made many consumers – especially women – feel as though they were holding a higher quality, more luxurious product.

However, this is one of the least effective ways to store any sort of face cream or cosmetic product. With the exposure to light, your face cream will begin to break down and become less effective over time.

If you think that those companies who have switched to frosted glass jars for an opaquer appearance have solved the problem, we have a bit more bad news for you. Air and bacteria also break down even your favorite and best performing face creams very quickly. Think about this: every time you open a jar of your favorite face cream and dip your fingers in, you are introducing a variety of bacteria into that jar, causing the formula to break down and work less.

Some companies – Advanced Dermatology included – however, have realized the best way to make their products as effective as possible. This is done by putting these products in completely opaque tubes that allow you to squeeze them out as you need them. This keeps them in a dark and enclosed space to keep them potent longer.

Make Sure You Use the Advanced Dermatology Kit Habitually

As we mentioned before, using silicone or a similar solution, may be quicker but will have very short-lived results. On the other hand, while using a product such as the Advanced Dermatology skin care kit, you must use it continuously to get the results you want.

If you fail to achieve a routine, one of two things will happen. If your routine fails later on, your results will begin to reverse. In the case that your routine fails early on in using this skin care kit, you may not achieve any results at all. As such, it is absolutely crucial that you depend on a routine or into a habit to get the results you want out of Advanced Dermatology or if you use any sort of skin care product or kit rather than undergoing a procedure.

How “Revolutionary” is Advanced Dermatology Really?

Advanced Dermatology is quick to remind any customer or potential customers that they are revolutionary and award winning. However, this kit is a few years old now. So, does that title of “revolutionary” still stand to reason?

As you probably expect, the same features that made it revolutionary at the time of its release aren’t quite so revolutionary now. After all, in today’s market, there are many different skin care kits available. Many of which are more well-rounded than the Advanced Dermatology skin care kit.

However, this does not mean that these products are outdated and useless. They are, in fact, quite useful. We will go over the results that customers actually ended up with in a minute. After all, just because similar products are available, it doesn’t mean that this product is useless.

Advanced Dermatology Reviews: The Good

First, let’s look at what this product has to offer on the positive side. We will look at each of the products in the Advanced Dermatology skin care kit individually. The first piece of the kit that we will look at here is the Daily Renew Cleanser. Many customers noted how extremely gentle this cleanser was. It doesn’t feature any parabens or extremely harsh chemicals, so it won’t damage your skin either. In addition, your skin will be extremely soft after the use of this product.

The second product that we will look at is the Super Youth Serum. Once again, Advanced Dermatology has delivered a lightweight, easy to apply formula for this serum. It also has an impressive number of quality ingredients in it. Some of these are even noted for being quality – and rather expensive ingredients – to ensure that it does the most it can for you. Once again, no parabens are included.

Once again, the Complete Age Defense Day Cream is a formula that is lightweight and easy to apply. If you have normal skin, this cream will be especially hydrating compared to some other brands on the market.

Next, we have the Deep Cellular Regeneration Cream. It is, like the others in this kit that we have gone over, is easy to apply and contains no parabens. This product also includes Geoguard Ultra (which is listed above as the ingredients sodium benzoate and fluconolactone) which is a gentle preservative that works to help your skin on a broad spectrum.

For the Anti-Wrinkle Firming Night Treatment, customers were impressed that it, too, lacked any parabens. Other than this, though, we are sad to report that we don’t have any good news about this particular product. We will discuss the specifics below, though.

Last but not least, we have the optional step in the regimen; the Youthful Boost Eye Cream. One thing that customers liked was that it hydrates around your eyes without giving your skin that oily feeling that other products do.

Advanced Dermatology Reviews: The Bad

It wouldn’t be fair to only look at the positive Advanced Dermatology reviews, though. So, we will do exactly what we did above and take each product in this skin care kit one and a time. However, this time, we will look at some of the complaints that customers had. First, we will tackle the Daily Renew Cleanser. The only real negative that consumers pointed out with this product was how many oils and nutrients that this product uses only for them to be quickly washed away. Unlike other pieces of the kit that stay on for a while or even the night and have less fantastic features, this product is packed full of different nutrients that barely get a chance to touch your skin.

For the next product, the Super Youth Serum, we found little to no complaints online. So, we will simply move on to the next product on the list, the Complete Age Defense Day Cream. It is more cheaply made than some of the other products in this kit. In addition, if you have dry skin, it may not be hydrating enough for you.

The Deep Cellular Regeneration Cream is slightly heavier than the other products in this kit although – as we have gone over – it is just as easy to apply. It also, as with the Complete Age Defense Day Cream, replaces some of the quality oils they use in other pieces of this kit with cheaper, less effective versions. Most customers described the Deep Cellular Regeneration Cream as a disappoint compared to the quality of the rest of the kit.

The texture of the Anti-Wrinkle Firming Night Treatment was less pleasing than the other options since it is a rather sticky gel. As we mentioned above, this gel is extremely hydrating, however, as far as wrinkle treatment goes it leaves something to be desired. The Youthful Boost Eye Cream has a handful of drawbacks as well including the use of Hydrosuccinimide, which does do wonders for dark circles but can be an irritant for your eyes as well.


In the end, Advanced Dermatology is a good product if you are looking for everyday cleaning and hydration. However, if you are looking for a kit to help reverse aging, Advanced Dermatology may prove to be disappointing.

In addition, there is the matter of price. While the Advanced Dermatology kit isn’t the most expensive product on the market for cosmetology, it is definitely more expensive than some far more effective options available to you.

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