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If you wanted to try Elf primer, odds are that you would look at an Elf primer review. However, if you are trying one product by a company, wouldn’t you want to know exactly who this new cosmetic company is and what they can offer you?

elf primer review

Elf is rather new on the market compared to brands like Olay, CoverGirl, and Mary Kay. However, in the last few years it has taken the beauty world by storm. It went quickly from relative obscurity to a household name within a matter of years. Now, the brand is on the tongue of many women, including influential figures such as celebrities and beauty vloggers online.

However, even if the price is low, why waste your money before doing thorough research? After all, just as the Internet birthed Elf Cosmetics and allowed them to grow, it also allows you to have any information you would like about them at the touch of a button. So, in this article, we are going to tackle more than just one product and consider what Elf Cosmetics - as a company and the makeup and products they manufacture - can offer you.

Who Is Elf Cosmetics and How Was It Founded?

In 2002, two men by the names of Joseph Shamah and Scott Vincent Borba met at a party. At the time, Joseph Shamah was a young business student from New York University. Scott Vincent Borba, though, had made a name for himself in the beauty industry as the developer of another successful makeup line called Hard Candy.

The two men hit it off and began developing a business plan around the idea of making quality makeup without the price tag that we are used to seeing when we walk into Sephora. When asked, Borba explained that the idea came from seeing successful women with expensive cars buying cheap, drugstore makeup because they didn’t want to pay retail prices. After all, if even the rich won’t pay for high-quality makeup, the average woman must want an inexpensive option that will serve her well.

best elf products

Finally, in 2004, Joseph Shamah and Scott Vincent Borba founded Elf Cosmetics with the help of Alan Shamah - Joseph Shamah’s father. While it was launched in New York, it was a little different from most other cosmetic brands that had been around for decades.

By this we mean that instead of being founded as a brick-and-mortar store, Elf Cosmetics started as with e-commerce. Thus, the elf cosmetics website was formed to sell quality cosmetic products at a discounted prices starting as low as $1.

On February 3, 2014, however, the company switched management. Through investments, Elf Cosmetics was mostly owned by a company called TPG Growth. When this happened, Shamah was replaced as CEO, president, and director of Elf Cosmetics. In his place, Tarang P. Amin filled these roles. Despite this change, though, Elf Cosmetics kept its original mission statement intact.

Today, though, Elf Cosmetics has become wildly popular with beauty bloggers, magazines, and everyday users for its quality and price. It is even available offline in various retail stores now in 17 different countries.

An Elf Cosmetics Review and the Elf Website

When over half a company’s sales are done online through their website, it is crucial that their website be one that is straightforward and easy to navigate. Lucky for us, Elf has made their website not only easy to navigate but also features a blog that helps users find out exactly what they need and how to get the most out of their products.

The website is divided into 8 sections. First, you have “what’s new”. This section will take you to any new and innovative products that Elf’s team has come up with and have now been released for sale.

The second section includes Elf’s best sellers. This is, of course, the products that Elf has developed that have become fan favorites. If you are new to this makeup line, this is a great place to start if you want to find all your best options off the bat instead of looking around.

Next, the banner at the top of the website reads “Eyes”. This is the section that makes up the first part of Elf’s acronym of eyes, lips, and face. Under this section, you will find any product relating to your eyes, including; eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, false eyelashes, eyebrows, concealer & primer, brushes & tools, and eye palettes.

Naturally, they tackle the second part of the acronym next. Under lips, you will find your lipstick, lip gloss, lip liner, and even lip care options. If you prefer, you can - again - find an option to look at all their lip products at once.

elf cosmetics review

Finally in their acronym, we have face. You have a lot of options when it comes to this section. So far as products go, this includes foundation, primer, highlighter & shimmer, powder, concealer & corrector, blush, bronzer, setting spray & powder, and palettes. In addition, though, you will also find a primer finder and foundation finder so you are sure to find the right shade for your skin. Again, looking at all these options at once is possible.

Skin care is the the next tab on their website and you can, if you want, browse all these products at once. This section can be further broken down into moisturizer, cleanser, face masks, treatments, tools, sets, and Elf’s trademarked Beauty Shield Collection.

No makeup set would be truly complete without brushes, though. In this next section, you can find all brushes and brush sets as well as specific brushes for your face, eye, or lips. Elf also goes over brush care, which we will discuss further later. In addition, Elf also offers their Beautifully Precise Brush Collection.

Brushes are only part of what you need, though. Elf gives you options of tools & bags. This includes applicators & sponges, makeup bags & cases, and a variety of other tools as well.

The final tab on their website is titled “get inspired”. This section includes a variety of things, from Elf Signature Collections and even tips on different styles such as festival looks and advice such as how to take care of your lips properly with a moisturizing sets.

An Elf Cosmetics Review - What Kind of Cosmetics Does Elf Sell?

There are a variety of cosmetics that Elf has to offer. So far as categories go, we have gone over all of the sections that they sell in. However, in this section, let’s take a moment to review some of these categories and go over the best products in them.

Elf Cosmetics Review - Eye Makeup

First up, we have eyeshadow. This is one of the most commonly used products today and throughout history. While we may not have all been taught by our mothers to perfectly contour, the majority of us did learn how to use eyeshadow.

A favorite among customers is the Elf Eyeshadow Palettes. Many have said that these palettes are among their most loved collection is because while they are relatively inexpensive, they last and the palettes have a fantastic variety to their colors.

elf makeup reviews

Under this section, Elf also sells a matte to metallic eye primer. This comes in a tube - much like lip gloss - and is made to ready your skin for eye shadow. In a similar bottle comes Elf’s liquid eye shadow. This has had a rocky set of reviews from customers. While some love it, others would prefer a palette over it anyday.

Another set of makeup that has been loved for centuries is the concept of eyeliner. From waterproof eyeliner to liquid eyeliner and even cream eyeliner, Elf sells any type of eyeliner that could be your favorite or that you might want to try. Once again, though, this is affordable and well-loved by users.

Mascara is the next item up on the list; the makeup that needs to be replaced often although we usually don’t listen as often as we should. You have plenty of options with Elf, though. Whether you want volume, length, or a little bit of both, Elf has you covered with products that customers love.

False eyelashes are the next step when you are looking for more volume with your lashes. This cosmetic sees a wide variety of use including special occasions, those who wear them day to day, and they are even a staple piece for drag queens. Elf sells plenty of options, including individual lashes, natural sets, and even bold and dramatic sets of eyelashes.

Eyebrows have had a variety of trends through recent decades. In the early 2000s, we tweezed and threaded them into near nonexistence. Today, though, we color them in and fill them out to make them big and bold. Whether you are adding color or completely drawing them on, Elf offers pencils, creams, and palettes for all your eyebrow needs.

Next up, we have the Elf primer reviews that we promised. In this section, there are the primers and concealers that Elf offers. There are many colors available, making them among some of the best elf products available. If you aren’t sure what color you need, there is a primer finder you can use as well. These Elf primer reviews are also in effect for the face makeup portion of their products as well.

Elf Cosmetics Review - Lip Products

elf makeup review

When it comes to lip products, you probably just think about lip liner and lipstick. However, Elf sells a little more than this. In this Elf cosmetics review, we will discuss some of the best Elf products when it comes to your lips.

First up is a classic: lipstick. While it sounds simple, lipstick has had a long time to evolve. As far as forms go, you can get liquid lipstick, pencil lipstick, and, of course, traditional, stick lipstick. You can get this in the form of a matte, stain, or even a moisturizing option.

Lip gloss is the next product on our list. You may think of lip gloss as something that you wear when you are young and can’t wear lipstick yet but this is far from the case. Worn correctly, lip gloss can look just as sophisticated as other options. Elf offers two main options; matte, palette lip glosses and the liquid lip gloss most of us think of when we think of lip gloss.

One problem that lipstick can have all on its own is that it tends to bleed and leak around your mouth. However, a lip liner can help to keep your lipstick in place. Elf sells lip liner in two ways; you can use color, which many people use the same shade as their lipstick or darker to make their lips look larger. On the other hand, you can use a clear liner, which will work with any lipstick color you use - this option will save you money.

There is something that is even more important than applying makeup to your lips, though; taking care of them. This tab includes a variety of things. A few examples include lip exfoliators, lip primer, lip color remover, and even lip tints and stains that are safe for use on your skin.

Elf Cosmetics Review - Facial Products

Your eyes and lips make up the first parts of Elf’s acronym but the final part is extremely important because, well, it’s the rest of your face. It is absolutely crucial that you take care of more than just your lips and eyes for a full look. In addition, if you follow current beauty trends, contouring is probably on your daily routine and this is where you’ll find what you need for that.

First up, we are going to look back on the Elf primer review that we mentioned earlier. For your face, primer and foundation are some of the first products you put on. These are an important base; after all, they make the rest of your makeup apply smoothly and without shining through or looking caked on to cover up any imperfections. Most foundation and Elf primer reviews were glowing when they talked about these products.

elf reviews

Next, let’s take a look at the concealer and corrector that Elf sells for their customers. Much like the foundation, these come in different shades. They are meant to be applied after foundation, to fix any imperfections that your foundation couldn’t cover alone. While it works well for most people, it should be noted that these concealers and correctors are meant for day-to-day blemishes and small coverings. For the most part, these won’t work to cover tattoos or deep discolorations.

Elf advertises its bronzer as perfect when you want a “sun-kissed look” even in the dead of winter. They have a few different kinds that they sell. First, they suggests their various cream or standard palette as well as compact bronzers to make sure you get your own, unique blend to compliment your skin.

They also offer you their Aqua Beauty Blush & Bronzer if you want a quick choice to add some fast color to your skin.

If we are going to discuss bronzer, the next thing we should discuss is the highlighter that Elf sells alongside their shimmer products. This is another important tool if you are interested in contouring your face. For a glowing effect with your more natural makeup, Elf suggests you use their Highlighting Dewy Drops. If you want something a little shinier and more drastic, though, a product like their Mineral Pearls might just do the trick.

You don’t have to choose your bronzer, highlighter, and blush separately, though. With products such as their Baked Duo Collection, you can get the perfect contour without having to mix and match products through trial and error. However, if you are just looking to add some depth to your foundation or eyeshadow, Elf offers up their Shimmer Palette.

At the end of your routine, you’re going to need a setting spray or setting powder. Once again, Elf has you covered with some of the best Elf products. Depending on what you want, you can find something that will set all your makeup at once or even focus on certain parts of your face specifically. Whatever you choose, you can wear it knowing that it will keep your makeup on all day.

Elf Makeup Review - Skin Care

At the end of it all, makeup alone can only take you so far. A huge part of looking your best is to take care of your skin. Of course, part of this is to treat your body right, drink water, get enough sleep, exercise, and do all the things you’ve learned to do your whole life. However, part of this is also to find the right cleansing and moisturizing products that work for you. Luckily, this Elf makeup review is going to tell you some of the best Elf products that you have to choose from.

First, let’s start with what you would usually use last - moisturizers. For your daily life, you can use their Daily Hydration Moisturizer or the Daily Hydration Moisturizer with an SPF 15 addition.

Under your makeup, you can also try products such as Hydrating Serum, Prep & Hydrate Balm, and even Elf’s Hydrating Water Essence. Their Nourishing Night Cream and Illuminating Eye Cream products are also good to use before you go to bed.

On the other hand, if you want something that will cover everything you need in one purchase, you can always give Elf’s Skin Care Basics kit a try.

Before you moisturize, though, you need to make sure your skin is clean. There are a variety of ways you can do this and just as with the Elf primer review, we are going to show you some of the best options available.

best elf foundation

When you are talking about basic cleansers, you can always try the most basic option; the Daily Face Cleanser. If you want a deeper clean, though, you can try your Hydrating Gel Cleanser or the Exfoliating Scrub. For removing your makeup, Elf also sells their Cleansing Water to help out.

On those days when you are interested in the full spa experience, we recommend that you give Elf’s face masks a try. For this, there are options such as the Hydrating Bubble Mask, which will provide moisture and cleanse your skin deeply.

If you want this without the time it takes to do a full face mask, you will enjoy the Hydrating Water Sheet Mask, which will only take a few minutes out of your routine. Even better for when you’re busy is the Moisturizing Sleeping Mask which you only need to do is put it on before you sleep.

Elf also makes treatments for specific problems with your skin as well. For example, the Elf Vitamin C Pollution Prevention Serum. This serum helps with your fine lines and dull skin but even more, it will help to keep your skin safe from pollution and everyday environmental factors. This is especially useful in urban environments.

If acne is your problem, though, there are also some Elf treatments that will help you out. One of these products is the Elf Acne Fighting Spot Gel. This will help you with any of those pesky spots that tend to come up right before important events.

There are also many different tools that you can use when you cleanse your face. In example, you can always use a cleansing brush to clean your face on a deeper level than you can usually achieve. If you’re feeling tense, though, you can always use a facial massager to keep your muscles relaxed and stimulate blood flow at the same time.

As we mentioned before, if you live in an urban area, you might need a little extra help to protect your skin from pollutants. For these times, it is best to use Elf’s Beauty Shield line. These products will help you to add an extra layer of protection to your skin.

Best Elf Products - Brushes, Applicators, and Cases

Of course, any makeup you have can be extremely difficult if you don’t have the tools you need to apply it. Elf recognizes this and happily supplies brushes of all sorts and sizes for their customers. These can be purchases as a single brush when you need a replacement or as a full set when you are looking to start fresh.

Anymore, though, there isn’t just the use of brushes to put on makeup. Rather, the use of sponges, beauty blenders, and special applicators have been introduced to the beauty world as time has gone on and trends have gained and lost popularity. Elf has been careful to keep up with these trends and offers a variety of applicators to suit any needs.

There are certain tools that you need to keep your makeup and applicators in check that Elf also produces for their customers. Among these are eyeliner pencil sharpeners and brush holders just to name a couple. In addition, there are also tools that will help you directly that Elf manufactures, such as tweezers, blotting papers, eyelash curlers, and more.

Finally, you need a way to keep all your makeup and supplies organized. For this, Elf makes makeup cases for customers to purchase as they need them. These come in many shapes, sizes, and styles for you to chose from, so you can find exactly what you need in a form that you will actually want to buy.

Elf Cosmetics Beauty Blog

For those who are new to the makeup world, differentiating between all of the products can be overwhelming. Elf, however, has designed a way to provide help to those who are seeking tips and tricks from other makeup connoisseurs. The Elf website has a beauty blog which caters to over two million users. This beauty blog acts as a sort of social network that provides tips for every aspect of makeup artistry. On this blog, you’ll be able to find articles with topics ranging from “6 Tips for Workplace Makeup” to “How to Pick the Perfect Lip Finish”. These tips can be useful for those who are looking to enhance their makeup experience, but are afraid to seek help from other sources.

Elf’s Advice - Brush Care

Keeping your cosmetic tools clean is essential, but can be frequently overlooked. Many find it simply too time consuming, and fail to properly clean and replace the brushes that they use to apply their makeup. This disregard for proper brush care can lead to problems, though. Dirty makeup brushes have been known to cause skin irritations, acne, and even infections from bacteria trapped within the bristles of the brush.

In order to combat these problems, you should invest in a product that will help you to clean your makeup brushes to the best of your ability. Elf sells a range of tools that can help with this task. The Elf Daily Brush Cleaner is a tool that removes debris and other particulates from the brush, while also conditioning the bristles at the same time. The company also produces wipes that can be used to clean your brushes. These are perfect for travel as you won’t have to worry about a bottle that doesn’t meet airline regulations or could spill in your bag.

You should also be wary of how long you use a brush. These tools definitely have a lifespan, and should be replaced when they get worn out. A high-end brush that is properly cared for can last for quite some time, but the lifespan for brushes varies depending on quality and how well it was cared for. You should clean your brushes daily to ensure that they will last as long as possible. Additionally, you should be on the watch for signs of deterioration in your brushes. Bristle shedding is one of but many signs that your makeup brush needs replacing!

Elf Cosmetics Review - Elf Beauty Squad

If there is one thing that we all love, it’s discounts and deals. One of the best ways to do this is to join any sort of discount club or get a store card for a place that you are a frequent shopper. For example, think about your favorite coffee shop. An example of a store discount for a frequent customer in this case would be a card in which you get a sticker or hole punch every time you get a coffee. After ten coffees, you get the next one free as a sort of “thank you” for being a loyal customer.

Many clothing and cosmetic stores do this as well and Elf Cosmetics calls their loyalty program the Elf Beauty Squad. Joining a loyalty program doesn’t always pay off, but the Elf Beauty Squad can actually give you some pretty hefty discounts, bonuses, and loyalty gifts.

elf best products

Instead of giving you a card right away that gives you a certain discount, Elf Beauty Squad uses a point system that they have created to reward those customers who have become loyal to their brand.

The first level that customers are put in when they join the Elf Beauty Squad is called a “glow getter”. This is for customers with 0 to 100 points and - at this level - they earn 2 points for every $1 they spend. There are a couple rewards that customers at this level can redeem, including an enrollment gift, a birthday gift, and $5 off a $20 purchase.

Once you reach 101 points, you graduate to “rising star” level. On this level, you gain points at a rate of 4 points for every $1 spent. The rewards on this level also increase dramatically. In addition to an enrollment gift, birthday gift, and a $5 discount on a $20 purchase, you also get eligibility for a $30 gift card, a free full size product, as well as early accesses to sales.

Once you reach 401 points, you are considered an “A-lister”. This means that you have all the above rewards with extra considerations as well. On their website, Elf Cosmetics lists early access to new products, the privilege to vote on new colors, to choose your free full sized gift, and the pick your sale day. While you may not move up a rank anymore, on this level you can move up the ranks at 6 points per $1 you spend.

As with any store, though, Elf Cosmetics offers ways that you can get additional points without spending a dime. In fact, all that they ask for is a little free advertisement and publicity. Most of us wouldn’t mind sharing a post or two for the promise of free or discounted products, making this an extremely intelligent way to market on Elf Cosmetic’s side. After all, they’ve created a win-win situation.

The biggest way to earn points is to refer a friend. This gets you 150 points, allowing you to skip the first level as go getter entirely! The next level down is to follow Elf Cosmetics on Instagram, which is worth 10 points. At the lowest level of free points is a 5 point win for sharing their posts on either Facebook or their tweets on Twitter. While it may seem low level, remember, you are getting points for clicking a button; no effort needs to be made, no money needs to be spent, and you are working your way to free gifts.

What Sets Elf Cosmetics Apart From Other Brands?

In the sea of drugstore cosmetic brands, it can often be difficult to find a product line that stands out from the rest. Elf, however, does have multiple features that makes it stand out from the competition. From its awesome prices to cruelty-free practice, Elf will be the product line that sticks in your mind!

The first point that emphasizes Elf’s unique qualities is the price range at which it sells its products. The low price makes these products accessible to virtually all consumers. These high quality cosmetics won’t drain your bank account in your search for the perfect mascara or foundation!

best elf primer

Another nifty quality of Elf cosmetics is that they are mineral based. While conventional cosmetic products are made with chemicals and additives, this company prides itself on producing makeup that is mineral based. This has a whole list of benefits for the consumer and makes these products truly worth the purchase. Mineral cosmetics contain the compounds titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which aid in the deflection of UVA and UVB sunrays. This provides an extra layer of skin protection against the sun, which will help prevent premature aging.

This type of cosmetic also makes a better foundation as it does not contain the bulking agent, talc. The lack of talc creates a foundation that is lighter and provides a more even coverage. Additionally, mineral makeup is suitable for all skin types and doesn’t settle into fine lines and wrinkles the way other cosmetics can. This means that mineral based products are perfect for users regardless of age or race. Finally, mineral makeup is great for skin that is prone to acne, rosacea, or other sensitivity. The product allows the skin to breathe and doesn’t clog pores, meaning that it can be used by those who suffer from a skin condition that is aggravated by other makeup products.

Furthermore, Elf cosmetics can be found in virtually every retailer that sells cosmetic products. This makes the products readily available for consumers. You won’t have to go hunting at high end cosmetic stores like Sephora to find Elf products!

Elf’s Cruelty-Free Promise

For many cosmetic users, it is important to ensure that the products they use were not produced with methods that harm animals. Recently, there have been so many instances of big name brands that were revealed to use animal testing in the creation of their products. Allow us to give you some peace of mind in saying that you can cease worrying! Elf cosmetics has a wonderful reputation among organizations that devote their time to stopping animal cruelty. Organizations such as “PETA” and “Leaping Bunny” have given Elf their seal of approval many times over.

Elf has not only gained a reputation for avoiding animal cruelty, but also for playing an active role in spreading awareness for the cause. The company released a set of tweezers under the slogan “Fur Free”, showing the company’s commitment to the cause. In addition to the slogan, the packaging also lists the PETA website. This campaign not only advertised for the “fur free” movement, but also sent fifty percent of the tweezer sales to the PETA organization.

The company’s commitment to cruelty-free products has gained it many accolades. Among these, PETA has awarded the CEO, Joey Shamah, a “Trail Blazer Award” for his actions towards ending animal cruelty.

If you pride yourself on acting as an advocate for animals, you can rest assured that Elf stands with you. You can use all of the products produced by this company without having to worry that you are using cosmetics that go against the cause.

Conclusion of the Best Elf Products: Do We Recommend This Line to You?

At the end of the day, after the Elf primer review and any other product review we have done today; would we recommend these products to you? Well, in short, yes. These products are not only quality choices but they are cost-efficient as well.

To translate that into simpler terms, you are getting makeup, brushes, and other supplies at a price that you can’t get nearly anywhere else. You also aren’t getting cheated out of variety either, since you have so many options.

Summing it up, you can’t go wrong with Elf cosmetics. They are truly a brand made for the modern age and a working woman’s lifestyle. With this brand’s cosmetics, you can get a runway level look, without the runway price tag.

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