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Many people struggle with their weight and there is no shame in wanting to slim down a bit whether you are looking to improve your health or just confidence in your looks. However, the average regimen of working out and eating right doesn’t always work for everyone.

lipo laser treatment

If you have a low metabolism or just naturally carry more weight than average, you may need a little help getting into shape. Especially if you are trying to target a problem area like under the chin, losing the weight on your own can end up doing nothing but discouraging you. On the other hand, maybe you just tend to carry extra weight in specific areas but are slim otherwise. Any of these reasons are natural to want to slim down and having trouble doing so is just as natural.

There are plenty of choices on the market today to help you out! Unfortunately, looking at all of these options at once can be more than a little overwhelming and trying to understand everything can end up more discouraging than encouraging. However, taking one option at a time and breaking it down is a fantastic way to approach your research without ending up with your head swimming with meaningless facts.

In this guide, we are going to help you understand a fantastic option that may be just the thing for you: Lipo Laser treatments. This procedure is usually used to help you reduce fat on certain areas of your body. The phrase “Lipo Laser treatments” by itself may sound scary or bring to mind a liposuction nightmare you read online once, but we are going to help you break it down and answer any questions you may have. This will help to take what is an intimidating prospect and turn it into information you can use to make an informed decision about a safe treatment.

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What is Lipo Laser Treatment?

Before we get to far into this topic, it is important to understand exactly what we are discussing. First, let’s look strictly at what the treatment is. It is a non-surgical procedure that employs the use of a cold laser. This allows you to remove unwanted fat in specific areas of your body without having to undergo a procedure that is invasive or too intimidating.

Lipo Lazer can improve your problem areas by taking inches off of them, making for a noticeable difference. Most patients have specific “problem areas” tackled. These areas usually include the stomach, arms and underarms, thighs, chin, back, and waist.

One thing that is crucial to reiterate is that Lipolaser treatment is used for specific, targeted areas. If you want overall weight loss, this treatment probably won’t have the drastic changes that you hope for. However, if you are looking to take a few inches off of a sagging chin, pooching belly, back rolls,or other similar issues, then lipo laser treatment might be just the thing you are looking for.

lipo laser

Should I Worry About the Different Types of Lipo Laser Treatment?

There are, of course, different types of Lipo Laser Treatments on the market. During your research, you may have come across phrases such as SmartLipo or SlimLipo. These are similar treatments that allow for mildly different methods. However, choosing which one is best for you is very much like going to the doctor to tell them what medicines you should be taking.

The best way to go about understanding the many different specific types of Lipo Laser treatments is to talk to your plastic surgeon. After all, they are the professionals that work with these procedures on a daily basis. They will be able to steer you in the correct direction as they are dedicated to helping you get the results that you are looking for.

How Does Lipolaser Treatment Work?

The laser during a Lipo Laser treatment does penetrate the skin, but is far less invasive than a surgery. This is mostly because while a weight loss surgery will cause pain with the incisions it makes, you do not have to be sedated through a Lipo Laser treatment because it is virtually painless.

The laser itself uses a very low-level energy to do its job. It also only targets the fat cells in the body known more technically as adipose which contain 3 materials; water, triglyceride, and fatty acids. When this laser reaches the targeted cells, they release the contents within them. When this occurs, the fat cells shrink, resulting in those missing inches you were promised.

An obvious question is; where does this content go? After all, just releasing the materials doesn’t make them disappear. Well, this is where your body comes in handy. Your lymphatic system will absorb these materials and will either metabolize them or eliminate them.

This process is actually quite natural for the body. When you lose weight, this is exactly what happens. The fat doesn’t just disappear then either. However, Lipo Laser treatments do speed this process up considerably, so you can have the body you want faster.

Who is Lipo Laser Treatment Best For?

Lipo Laser treatment – like any other medical procedure – isn’t a procedure that will benefit everyone equally. Before we get too deep into this article, we want to take a look at who would benefit most from this sort of treatment and get the best possible results from it.


As we have gone over, this treatment is for fat removal. If you have excessive fat in specific places (such as your neck, arms, thighs, stomach, etc.) then this treatment may be just the thing for you. However, if you have a large amount of extra fat or you don’t have a specific area that needs treated, then this treatment may not be for you.

Another important factor for the best results possible is your skin elasticity being on a mild to moderate level. If you are younger than 35, then you probably don’t have any problems with this. However, from the age of 35 on, we start to lose elasticity in our skin. This means that the older you get, the more likely you are to have trouble getting a treatment like this to take.

How Should You Get Ready for my Lipo Laser Treatment?

It is important to be aware that your plastic surgeon may ask for certain criteria to be met as you prepare for your treatment. This usually comes in the form of advising you to drink plenty of water, stop smoking, stop taking certain medications, or similar specifications.

Remember, if for some reason this isn’t mentioned by your plastic surgeon, be sure to ask. This goes for any part of the procedure; these plastic surgeons are used to answering plenty of questions every day. As such, your handful of questions won’t bother them – they may even appreciate how thorough you are.

How Do You Go About Aftercare?


Of course, with a treatment like this there will be at least some aftercare. The time that you will be down after the procedure can vary from person to person, but most patients experience a day or two of recovery before returning to work. However, some people have also reported being able to go back to work immediately after they had a Lipo Laser treatment completed.

There is then how to bandage the affected area. Most plastic surgeons recommend the use of a compression sleeve for the zone that they worked on for any sort of liposuction treatment. For a Lipo Laser treatment, this compression sleeve is usually worn for around 3 weeks. While this may seem like a long time, it is actually much shorter than the recovery time of other similar treatments.

Your plastic surgeon or specialist may also have additional advice for you to follow after your Lipo Laser treatment as well. They will explain this to you in full what they suggest for you to do and probably give it to you in writing. If you have any questions as to the aftercare of the area that the Lipo Laser treatment was performed on or if any normal activities or exercise are limited, your plastic surgeon will be able to answer this for you.

Should You Wear Something Specific for my Treatment?

lipolaser treatments

This may seem like a very niche question but it is important. If you walk into your treatment wearing something that doesn’t work, it could cause an inconvenience to both you and the plastic surgeon performing your treatment.

Generally, it is recommended to wear loose fitting clothes. This way, the plastic surgeon can easily see and access the zone that is being marked for treatment. If you are getting anything done on your thighs, make sure to wear shorts. Wearing anything that is a one-piece – such as a dress or romper – should also be avoided so that the zone in question can be bared without any issues with decency occurring.

However, if your plastic surgeon has you change into something similar to a hospital gown for the duration of your treatment do not be alarmed. For many plastic surgeons, this is standard procedure or it may be to help them out if what you are wearing doesn’t work for them. Again, your plastic surgeon should be able to give you advice before your treatment as to what you should wear and what to do.

This advice will most likely occur during your initial consultation before your first treatment. This is because, in all likelihood, you won’t have the procedure done the first time you meet your plastic surgeon which will allow you time to prepare.

What Can You Expect from Lipolaser Treatment?

lipo lazer

As we mentioned earlier, Lipo Laser treatment uses a cold laser and is non-invasive. If you are anxious about your first Lipolaser treatment, though, knowing what to expect can go a long way. Most likely, you will simply talk to the plastic surgeon at first. They will ask questions to make sure you get exactly the results you want from this treatment.

Remember, though, this isn’t just their time to ask questions. If you have any questions of your own about the treatment, you can voice them here and get a professional answer. These plastic surgeons have been asked almost everything about the treatments they perform too so, don’t worry about asking what you might think is a stupid question. After all, they are here to help you!

The next step will include measuring. To target the zone you want targeted properly, the specialist will need to take a measurement of that area before beginning treatment. Not only does that offer a baseline for them, but that measurement can help you accurately and precisely track your results.

Before any laser is turned on, there is another step that must be completed. Once you lay down or maybe before, the plastic surgeon you are working with will draw on the zone you wish to be treated. This will give them a guide. If they skip this step and you are concerned, once again, don’t be afraid to speak up. After all, this may be their job but they are performing it on your body and there’s no such thing as over-communication of your needs and wants in this case.

Lipo Lazer machines most often work with a set of paddles. These paddles will be placed on the area you want to be treated before the machine is turned on. Most patients don’t feel anything from this initial start-up, but if you feel a sensation that is mild this is normal. If you find it extremely painful, you should definitely speak up.

lipolaser results

After the session, most plastic surgeons will ask you to step up onto a vibrating platform. The purpose of this is to help eliminate fat cells in your body but to encourage circulation as well. While this sensation may feel odd, it is a part of the process that is entirely normal. You will probably briefly discuss the treatment with the specialist afterwards where they will give you advice on how to move forward with your treatments. Once again, if at any point before, during, or after the procedure you have questions; don’t be afraid to ask questions if you have them. A good plastic surgeon will be ready and willing to answer your questions and ease your concerns.

As far as how long these sessions will take depends on who you are seeing. Some plastic surgeons say that Lipolaser will take around 20 minutes a session. On the other hand, there are some specialists that recommend you plan for a session of 40 minutes or more. Once again, this depends on what zone you are treating as well.

What Sort of Results Can You Expect from Lipo Laser Treatment?

lipo lase

We need to look at the most obvious question before going any further. What kinds of results should you expect from a Lipo Laser treatment? In the beginning, you will notice some bruising and perhaps some other mild side effects such as redness when you look in the mirror.

However, when these side effects begin to fade and any potential swelling goes down, you should notice a thinner silhouette. Even if you and your plastic surgeon are planning to complete multiple treatments before you achieve the results you want, you should be able to notice at least a slight change.

On the other hand, if you fail to see any swelling go down or don’t notice any change after you’ve completed however many Lipo Laser treatments you and your plastic surgeon agree on, schedule a follow-up appointment and discuss these concerns with them. Not only do you deserve the change you expected and wanted, but these signs can be symptomatic of a larger problem or severe side effect. Either way, it is always better to check than to miss something and have to pay the price later on – with your money and your health.

How Quickly Can You Expect Results from Lipo Laser Treatment?

Before we get too deep into this section there is something that needs to be gone over. The facts in this section are general and the results that most people see. However, since this is a medical procedure that is working toward different specific goals with different patients, the results can vary. Most of the time, they will vary depending on the general health and BMI of the person in question and where exactly they are getting work done at on their body.

Most plastic surgeons and doctors refer to the different areas of treatment as “zones”. Each zone that is treated can take a different number of sessions to work. Once again, though, this time period and number of sessions can vary depending on the patient and their situation. For example, most patients that go through this treatment with a focus on their stomach, it takes anywhere between 2 and 18 treatments to see a significant difference.

However, it should be noted that this can depend on the plastic surgeon. Some will recommend multiple treatments while others say it can be done in one session although this isn’t usually the case. This, in the end, is a matter you can discuss with the doctor you are going to see and they should be able to give you an accurate timeline and plan if you need more than one session.

lipolaser treatment

What Do Doctors Have to Say About LipoLaser?

One thing that we are all concerned about whenever we are going to undergo a process that is considered medical – whether it is invasive or not – is what doctors think. While this treatment can be considered cosmetic, you deserve to know if any treatment you are going through is safe and there is no one better to give this answer than professionals. For this section, we looked at the testimonials of a variety of doctors to see what they would say about Lipo Laser treatment. Instead of making you search for them on your own, though, we have included the information you need here.

As with any sort of cosmetic medical treatment, the opinions of doctors are varied. However, there aren’t many complaints as far as the safety of this treatment. It is generally agreed that it is a safe treatment to undergo with only a failure rate of around 1%. There are arguments as to whether it is actually the fastest way to see results compared to similar treatments as it is often advertised.

The major debate that may steer some specialists and plastic surgeons away from advising Laser Lipo treatment is the comparison of it to traditional liposuction. This is mostly due to comparisons of success rates, results, and the fact that traditional liposuction has simply been around longer. However, we will look at this in depth later as it is deserving of a section of comparison on its own to do it justice.

It should be noted that while Lipo Laser treatment is rather successful, the expectations of many of those who seek this treatment are, in the end, a little underwhelmed. This is usually thanks to a hype that blows the truth a little out of the water. This is why some doctors even call Lipo Laser treatments the “holy grail” of plastic surgery. An accurate term, since not only are these treatments hyped up a little beyond their capabilities but it is important to find accurate information (and trained professionals as specialists) so that you come anywhere near the results you are hoping for.

What Do Customers Have to Say About Lipo Laser Treatments?

laser lipo treatments

Once you know it’s safe, you have to tackle the next question: does Lipolaser actually work? Well, if you wanted to know if any regular product you were going to buy worked, you would probably look to customer ratings and stories of their experiences. For treatments such as Lipolaser treatments, it is the same. There are plenty of people who have undergone this procedure before you and have experienced insight into how well it works. To help you look into this more thoroughly and easily, we gathered insight from some of the most honest and helpful customer reviews. This should help you to make your decision about this treatment without worry.

Many customers who underwent Laser Lipo treatments were thrilled by their results. Most reported seeing a significant difference almost immediately. They also praised how easy the procedure was. This is, in large part, thanks to the fact that this treatment is quick and virtually painless. On top of that, though, it is an extremely quick recovery time that has allowed even customers with a busy and hectic lifestyle to find time for Laser Lipo treatment.

However, it wouldn’t be fair to glaze past the bad reviews. Fortunately, though, most of these reviews are the product of rare side effects. We will look further into the specifics of these side effects shortly but a couple examples would be burning or uneven fat removal.

On the other hand, though, it should be noted that there are – as with any sort of medical field – a handful of these specialists aren’t the best and at fault for poor results. This is why it is crucial that you research the doctor that you are planning on going to before going. After all, it is by far better to be disappointed by a doctor before you get a procedure done rather than after. Plus, in today’s world it is extremely easy to find reviews on any doctor you are looking to see and if there are none, that is usually a bad sign in and of itself.

How Long Do These Results Last?

This question is hard to give a general answer to. While this is a trusted, FDA-approved treatment, the exact answers can vary from person to person. While some people may experience initial swelling, that should go down.

However, it is crucial to remind yourself that this treatment targets your existing fat cells. It cannot and does not prevent any creation of future fat cells. So, if you undergo this procedure and then gain weight, you will see the process undone. This treatment isn’t permanent, so it’s important to take care of yourself once it is over if you want the results to stick around.

How to Get the Most Benefit from Lipolaser Treatments

laser lipo results

As we mentioned, the effects of a Lipo Laser treatments are not permanent and can need to be redone if you don’t treat your body right. Some of the simplest tips include drinking more water and cutting out as much food that is bad for you as possible.

Generally, though, if you want your treatment to take, you should work on losing or maintaining weight so that you stay at a healthy level. As we mentioned before, these Lipo Lazer treatments will help you to lose the fat cells that you have. If you gain weight after the treatment, then new fat cells can take the place of the ones removed.

In addition to this, your specialist will give you instructions for how to proceed directly after your treatment. To have the best results that last, make sure you follow these instructions to the letter. In the end, no one can give you better advice than the doctor who treated you and knows exactly what the procedure was and your personal reaction to it.

lipo laser treatments

Who Should Definitely Avoid Lipolaser Treatments?

Before we delve into the side effects that Lipo Laser treatments can cause, there are a handful of people who shouldn’t even consider this treatment for their weight loss. These conditions include the following;

· Nursing or pregnant

· Have any implanted electrical medical devices such as a pacemaker

· Epilepsy

· Extreme diabetes

· Suffering from any form of cancer

You should also be aware that this treatment is not allowed for those individuals who are under the age of 18. If a practitioner of Lipo Laser treatments offers this to someone underage, they are doing so illegally and you should probably be wary of their practice in general.

What are the Side Effects of Lipo Laser Treatment?

There are, of course, some side effects to Lipo Laser treatment. While not all of them effect everyone who goes through this procedure, some do. Either way, it is important to know what will happen and what to watch out for.

One thing that happens for pretty much everyone who experiences Lipo Lazers is bruising at the site of the procedure. This is common with many different cosmetic procedures.

Before we continue, though, you should understand that laser liposuction is more likely to have complications than traditional liposuction. While this margin of error is low, some studies show a difference of 0.3% of severe reactions to procedures compared to 1% of laser liposuction. While this may not seem like a severe difference, it does steer some plastic surgeons away from the newer technique.

lazer lipo

One severe reaction that you may have already guessed is burning. These usually aren’t severe immediately and rather look like any normal burn you get cooking. However, some patients who experienced burns ended with blisters and infections days later.

Some doctors also caution against multiple treatments. This is because they tend to damage blood vessels as well as fat cells. To put it simply, this opens you up to further complications with every treatment.

A far rarer complication is uneven fat removal. This can happen with any sort of fat removal procedure technically. In all probability, though, you won’t have any problems with this side effect.

How Does Lipo Laser Treatment Compare to Traditional Liposuction Treatment?

We have already gone over the fact that traditional liposuction treatment is slightly more successful than Lipolaser Treatments. However, how does it compare otherwise? To truly make an informed decision, you need to know how well Lipo Laser treatments hold up to their competition.

First, let’s take a look at if you are put to sleep for these procedures, which would make them far more involved and more of a time commitment. For traditional liposuction, yes, with the use of general anesthesia you are completely unconscious for the entire procedure. Lipolaser treatments, on the other hand, only uses local anesthesia. This means that you will be awake for the treatment but the zone you are getting treated will be numbed to minimize any pain.

The incision size is another concern for these treatments. As we went over, Lipo Laser treatments are non-surgical so, as you can expect, the incision from the laser is extremely minimal. However, traditional liposuction is a surgical procedure and it requires a large incision to be done correctly.

laser lipo treatment

There is one concern about getting fat taken out rather than losing it naturally and that is sagging skin or uneven fat removal. This is the one side effect that is more likely to happen during a traditional liposuction procedure.

This is because while Lipo Laser treatments basically melt fat cells, traditional liposuction does require physical removal. As such, the end results of traditional liposuction are more likely to have an unnatural appearance or require additional procedures to return the appearance of the skin to normal. However, this is not a side effect that happens with every treatment although it is common.

As for sagging skin, traditional liposuction has no safeguard against this side effect happening. However, the use of the laser in the Lipo Laser treatment tends to automatically tighten skin, just from the use of a laser on this.

Almost everyone has a busy lifestyle in this day and age. We all like to move fast and get what needs to be done finished quickly. However, if you want one of these treatments performed, you will have to plan for extra time. What it comes down to, though, is how much time needs to be set aside for these treatments and their recoveries.

Unfortunately, if you choose traditional liposuction, the recovery time can keep you down for days or even weeks. The recovery time for Lipo Laser treatments, however, usually only keeps you down for a day or two before you are ready to move around and work again.

Bruising is another unavoidable side effects of either one of these treatments. For traditional liposuction, though, the bruising is rather significate, especially by comparison. A Lipo Laser treatment, on the other hand, only causes minor bruising. While either choice is at least mildly inconvenient, how important this fact is to consider is up to you.

Often times after a fat removal treatment – both traditional liposuction and Lipo Laser treatments – patients will be advised to wear a compression sleeve for a time before considering the treated zone completely healed. For traditional liposuction, you should expect to be wearing a compression garment on the area for at least 6 weeks but maybe more. However, Lipo Laser treatments are usually only cause for the use of a compression sleeve or garment for around 3 weeks.

Who is Allowed to Perform Lipo Laser Treatments and Who Should You Let Do It?

We have mentioned many times that you should be careful of which specialists you allow to do your Lipo Laser treatments. However, we should go over who to look for. After all, even if you can look at 50 online reviews to find a doctor, it always helps to know exactly who you are looking for.

Most states will only allow licensed physicians to perform this treatment. This, of course, makes sense. While it may not be a “surgical” procedure in the traditional sense, this treatment is mildly invasive and takes a trained hand not to do any damage while they perform this procedure.

Your best bet is to look for a certified plastic surgeon who has plenty of experience. These plastic surgeons will have experience in traditional liposuction, Lipo Laser treatments, and other similar procedures, so they will be able to not only perform the procedure on you but talk you through your options as well.

Even if you think finding a trained surgeon is overkill, we assure you it isn’t. When it comes to a procedure such as Lipo Laser treatments, it is important to remember that it is better to look hard and shell out the extra cash for someone who is almost overqualified rather than suffer the consequences of going to someone that is less than qualified. In the end, this is not one of the areas in your life that you can cut corners to save money or time. You have to make sure that you get who and what you need rather than suffer what could be severe consequences.

liposuction laser


With the information we have gone over, you should be well prepared to decide whether or not Lipo Laser treatments are the best option for you or not. We have looked at who they are best for, what specialists and plastic surgeons you should consider, and even arguments against the idea of Lipo Laser treatments and potential alternative options.

To recap some one of the most important parts, though, no matter what you pick be thorough. Make sure you go to a qualified plastic surgeon or specialist and ask all the questions you can think of. Once again, with any medical procedure – especially a semi-invasive one – there is no such thing as being over prepared. The plastic surgeon you work with should be very thorough with the information they give you but don’t be afraid to ask questions to clarify anything you may not understand.

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