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Launched in 2011, Nerium has become a billion-dollar company with growing popularity. There are many mixed Nerium reviews online and even some debate over Nerium by medical professionals. Despite this, the company has won several industry awards and achieved record breaking sales.

nerium reviews

When we see miraculous before and after photos and promises of youth, naturally, we want to believe. However, jumping on the bandwagon too early can prove a waste of money or even worse – detrimental to your health. Buying from distributors can also be difficult and dangerous since not every one of them can warn you of the risks of the product.

With that grain of salt in mind, let’s move forward. In this article, we are going to analyze every aspect of Nerium Eye Serum to see if it can live up to its claims. After all, the most important question we have is, does Nerium really work? This means dissecting the good and the bad and by the end, you’ll know if Nerium is the right choice for you.

nerium review

Who is Nerium?

Before we get into the product, though, let’s look at what type of company Nerium is. First established in 2011, Nerium began with a meager staff of only thirteen members. By 2012, the corporate website states, the company had been awarded the Bravo Award for Growth from Direct Selling News, as well as being ranked #86 in Direct Selling News’ Global 100 List of Relationship Marketing Companies.

By 2014, Nerium had been launched internationally and appeared multiple times in “Life & Style” magazine. Nerium is a company that uses a technique known as multi-level marketing. While you may not recognize the term, you probably recognize other companies that do this such as Mary Kay or Rodan Fields.

nerium review

These are the companies that have individual sellers who recommend entrance into the company to their friends and their friends and so on. As they continue to widen the net of people they have helped recommend, they earn more rewards. Unfortunately, we usually see the bottom of this pyramid-shape; those who are trying to sell the products that they have purchased.

For us, this means a couple of things. On the more positive side, this means that you might be introduced to new products that you wouldn’t have otherwise found unless your friend, neighbor, etc. introduced you to it. On the other hand, though, not every low-level seller will have the same information for you as a professional might and as such, may not be able to answer all your questions about the product.

nerium skin care reviews

Nerium Oleander in Nerium Products

Before we go any further, we should note that a common ingredient in all Nerium products (and where the company got its name) is from a plant called Nerium Oleander. While this may not seem important it is crucial to note that this plant is toxic.

The roots, leaves, bark, flowers – there isn’t a part of this plant that isn’t dangerous to both humans and animals. When burning it you can get poisoned, ingesting even a small amount – there are even two cases of people getting poisoned by eating snails who had been in contact with it when they were alive.

So, why would you put this on your face? Well, Nerium claims that they have diluted the concentration to a non-toxic level and is barely in their serums and creams. Unfortunately, there are no studies released on how they did this and as such, no peer reviewed, reliable data. In the end, we are back to square one; no data to prove that this is safe.

Some critics have even proposed the fact that this active ingredient may cause some swelling. They argue that this would mimic the look of wrinkles disappearing but it wouldn’t add any nourishment to the skin; it would merely be a reaction to a toxin.

does nerium work

Are Nerium Products Approved by the Food & Drug Administration?

No, Nerium products are not approved by the Food & Drug Administration but, to be fair, they don’t legally have to be. Since Nerium is a cosmetic product, it is free from the FDA’s regulations. There is a federal law that Nerium and all cosmetic companies must make sure their product is safe with intended and regular use before they sell it to customers.

Nerium, of course, has tested their product and made sure it’s safe, fulfilling the law. However, once again they do not release this information for public consumption or even to be peer reviewed.

In 1998, though, a pharmaceutical company wanted to introduce an oleander supplement to the public but first – since it was being proposed as a drug – had to get the approval of the FDA. The FDA responded and said that - in no uncertain terms – that oleander is highly poisonous and couldn’t be verified as safe with their intended regular use. The FDA also shot down the request of Nerium’s parent company when they proposed the use of oleander.

does nerium really work

Why Does Skin Age?

To really understand how these products work, you need to understand where signs of aging come from. Of course, there is the simple answer of time but this isn’t the only source. UV exposure, stress, smoking, heavy pollution, and other such factors can age you prematurely.

Collagen and elastin are two of the most important components of your skin when it comes to looking young and your skin being bright and tight. This is why most skin care products will recommend that you use them before you show signs of wrinkles or warn you to avoid certain activities to reach maximum effectiveness.

What is Nerium Eye Serum?

nerium results

Nerium’s Eye Serum is an anti-aging serum that focuses directly on the area around your eye. This is typically the part of your face that ages the quickest thanks to a variety of contributors.

The Nerium Eye Serum is made to target any puffiness, wrinkles, and dark circles that you may have and eliminate them. It also promises healthier-looking skin under the eye and promises to “brighten, tighten, and moisturizes” the eye area.

What is in Nerium Anti-Aging Eye Serum?

We have already gone over the ingredient that is the name sake of the company; nerium oleander and its dangers. However, it would be far from fair to treat it as its only ingredient. So, in this section, we will look at the other ingredients involved in creating your bottle of Nerium Anti-Aging Eye Serum and what each of them is.

It is important to note that the below ingredients are the standard formula for this serum. While Nerium is an international company, there is no variation no matter where you are buying it.

· SIG-1191


· Jojoba Esters

· Green Tea

· Sodium Hyaluronate

· Vitamin E

· Vitamin C

· Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice

· Advanced Peptide

· Caffeine

reviews on nerium

You probably recognize some of these ingredients so, let’s start with the ones you probably don’t know exactly what they are: SIG-1191 and I-FIL4R, both trademarked by Nerium. First, let’s look at SIG-1191 which is only described by Nerium as “a patent-pending, exclusive ingredient that works as an antioxidant”.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t give us much information, however, a quick search online and you’ll find that it is a molecule used in cosmetic products that has skin-hydrating benefits, anti-aging benefits, and anti-inflammatory properties.

SIG-1191 is a little complicated as an ingredient but luckily, the I-FIL4R isn’t so hard to grasp since it is a natural ingredient. This ingredient is derived from Brazilian ginseng and white lily and works to aid your dark circles, fine lines, and puffiness, making it an extremely useful and versatile ingredient.

We have to step back over to the more complicated ingredients to fully explain advanced peptide as an ingredient. However, to save you the headache of the technicalities we can simplify it down to the fact that it’s included to support your skin’s natural collagen and elastin. In simpler terms, it will help your skin to look fuller and healthier.

Sodium Hyaluronate is the next intimidating looking ingredient on the list. However, despite its chemical name, it is simply an ingredient to help bind water to the face to keep your skin hydrated.

nerium product reviews

Now all we have left to cover is the natural ingredients. Vitamin C is used to brighten the skin while Vitamin E is used to protect the skin from damage from the sun (protection from UV rays) and from free radicals. Green tea is another natural ingredient that has been trusted for centuries thanks to the fact that it protects you from environmental damage. Jojoba esters are included for moisturizing and caffeine included for brightening the skin.

To be fair, there are some critics of Nerium’s trademarked ingredients. While these are more common than you would think by these names, discussing and studying them becomes complicated when you can’t call them what they are. Others have argued that linking these to Nerium in name creates an undeniable bias when working with these compounds.

Who is Nerium Marketed To?

As with any other cosmetic product, the Nerium Anti-Aging Eye Serum has a target audience. While Nerium does not endorse the product to any one particular demographic, this product is marketed to those with fine lines or wrinkles that the user would like to see erased.

As this is a product meant for use on the skin under the eyes, it would be most likely beneficial for those seeking relief from crow’s feet or other fine lines around the eye. This product could also be used by those who are seeking to start using anti-aging products early in life, in order to prevent wrinkles from taking hold in the future.

How Much Does the Nerium Anti-Aging Eye Serum Cost?

nerium does it really work

Unfortunately, the Nerium Anti-Aging Eye Serum will cost you a pretty penny. The retail price of this Eye Serum is currently $80. However, you can get a discount if you sign up for their Auto Delivery Service, which we will explain below.

Where Can You Buy Nerium Anti-Aging Eye Serum?

Because Nerium is a multi-level marketing company, their products are not sold in department stores like other cosmetic products. This means that you will not find the Nerium Anti-Aging Eye Serum in stores such as Macy’s.

The majority of Nerium’s sales are achieved through sales representatives that distribute the products to customers. But, as with most areas of marketing, selling products through representatives is not done now the way that it used to be. Most of us remember a time when our mothers or aunts would attend parties hosted by friends who were selling cosmetics. This is not so much the case anymore.

Now, distributors tend to utilize the internet in order to aid their sales. It is for this reason that purchasing Nerium can easily be done on commerce platforms such as Amazon or Ebay. In addition, the Nerium Anti-Aging Eye Serum can be purchased directly on the company’s website.

How to Use Anti-Aging Nerium Eye Serum?

Using this aging serum isn’t difficult and it won’t take much time out of your routine at all. You only have to use it twice a day to see results, according to Nerium, and it is easiest to use it when you get ready in the morning and when you get ready at night.

You only need one pump of the product for it to work and using anymore would be a waste - it won’t speed up the anti-aging process. Smooth the serum onto the skin around your eyes to fill any wrinkles, fine lines, or crow’s feet you want treated.

nerium eye cream

Once you do this, Nerium advises you to stay expressionless for 30 seconds while the serum soaks in. At this point, you should have a soft, dry, and even finish. If you apply any product after you are done, make sure that your skin is dry for both the effectiveness of the Nerium Anti-Aging Eye Serum and the product you put on afterwards.

What Should You and Shouldn’t You Do to Make Sure Your Anti-Aging Lasts?

Using this eye serum or any other skin product alone probably won’t be enough for your skin. There are things past the recommend Nerium regimen that should be done to improve the health of your skin. Much like losing weight, making your skin healthy is something you have to commit to. If you want young, radiant skin, you’ll need to wholly work towards that goal.

Don’t get discouraged, though! These lifestyle changes aren’t drastic and they aren’t hard to make. In fact, you probably saw the first one coming; to drink water. It is very rare that the average person drinks enough water to keep themselves properly hydrated throughout the day. Your skin cells are just one part of your body that needs that water daily to work properly and stay healthy.

Soda, coffee, alcohol, and anything with caffeine should be cut down on. It’s hard to stop drinking caffeine, after all, it does have addictive properties. However, drinking these beverages will dehydrate you more every time you drink them.

Another important thing is to get enough sleep. Ever have a rough night’s sleep and wake up with dark circles? This is because if you don’t get enough sleep, you decrease the blood flow to your face. If you aren’t sure how much sleep you should get, the standard is 7 to 8 hours of sleep.

Finally, make sure to wear enough sunscreen. Not only does this protect you from sunburns and skin cancer, the UVA and UVB rays will create fine lines if you aren’t careful. Don’t forget, though, applying sunscreen once isn’t enough – you should be sure to reapply your sunscreen every couple of hours.

Can You Wear Makeup with the Nerium Serum?

nerium reviews does it work

Yes, you can wear makeup with the Nerium Anti-Aging Serum. You just have to make sure, though, that the serum has completely dried. Nerium recommends on their website that you wait until the serum is dried, apply your makeup around your eyes, and use your fingertip to smear and blend it in.

What if You Don’t Like the Product?

When you are buying from Nerium’s website, you have a 30-day money back guarantee. This works for anyone who purchased Nerium Age-Defying Eye Serum and within the first 30 days isn’t satisfied, you can return the product for a full refund. If you purchase the product somewhere else, though, this protection may vary or be forfeit.

Nerium Delivery Order System

This is a convenient feature that Nerium has that allows you to never forget to order your products before you run out. To get started all you need to do is purchase the Nerium products you use and chose to sign up for their Auto Delivery Order.

With this service, you will receive your set of Nerium products once a month so you never run out! These Auto Delivery Orders ship between the 1st and the 23rd depending on your purchase date. If your purchase date is after the 23rd, though, your order will simply be deferred to the 23rd of the month.

Nerium Anti-Aging Eye Serum Reviews: The Good

how does nerium work

While there are reviews on both sides of the spectrum, there are many customers who were pleasantly surprised with how well this product worked for them. They claimed that the serum not only showed long-term results, but short-term ones as well.

Not only did this anti-aging eye serum show fantastic results for some but they found it comfortable to use as well. It wasn’t oily and it seemed to work for all skin types.

Nerium Anti-Aging Eye Serum Reviews: The Bad

Unfortunately, not everyone had such positive experiences with Nerium’s Anti-Aging Eye Serum. The first big problem that these users ran into was that with long-term use, the serum began to irritate their skin and since it wasn’t immediate it was apparent that this probably wasn’t an allergic reaction but rather an irritating ingredient.

Many also found that while they did experience immediate effects, they didn’t last. These short term effects included the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles as promised but it did cause some inflammation temporarily.

If You Like Nerium Can You Become a Representative?

Yes, you can! As a multi-level marketing company, Nerium will allow you to purchase a package to begin to represent them. They offer features like cash bonuses for recommending others, exclusive products, earning potential, and a job with flexible hours and location.

However, we should warn you that some experts would advise against jumping into a multi-level marketing company as a full-time job right away. If you are interested in becoming a representative for Nerium, though, you can find all the information you need on their website.

Conclusion: Is Nerium Anti-Aging Eye Cream a Good Choice?

At the end of it all, we are back to our original question; does Nerium work? Well, at the end of the day we wouldn’t recommend it. Of course, we have noted many pros and cons of Nerium and their Anti-Aging Eye Serum but in the end, as much as we tried we just couldn’t find enough evidence to support all of their claims.

Most of what concerned us was the use of a toxic plant, the nerium oleander, in all of their products and that they don’t list it explicitly as an ingredient on their website. Yes, they have run their own tests to prove the safety of their product as is set out in the federal guideline for cosmetics. However, Nerium hasn’t published these or had them peer-reviewed so they are hard to take at their word.

While many people were fine using the Nerium Anti-Aging Eye Cream, the risk of something going wrong is too high for us to recommend. In addition, the language that Nerium uses almost oversells their product, using so many buzzwords that they seem to nearly defend their product rather than advertise it. Needless to say, this only furthered our alarm and in the end, we couldn’t trust the claims that this product was safe.

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