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by Paige Callahan | Last Updated July 5, 2018

PCA Chemical Peel sounds like the name of a military weapon from the early 20th century but no need to worry, they were not used in either of the world wars; otherwise everyone's skin would've been perfect!

Anyways, below we have all of the things you want to know about PCA peels broken down. You want to know if getting a PCA peel is worth it? You'll find the answer here.

The Best Consumer Chemical Peels in 2018

Multiple PCA Chemical Peels

Professionally done PCA chemical peels at an office or salon are hard to beat. With that being said, if you like to do things yourself and save money, there are quality, proven chemical peels that the consumer can buy.

We recommend professionally done peels. But you can still do a great job yourself.

Here are our top 4 choices for consumer peels:


Main Peel Agent

Average Rating

Approximate Cost Per Peel

QRxLabs Glycolic Acid 50% Gel Peel

 Glycolic Acid

  4.0 Stars

    ~ $1

Perfect Image Anti-Aging Peel Pads

  Glycolic Acid

  4.3 Stars

    ~ $1.15

Olay Regenerist Microdermabrasion & Peel System

2-step Exfoliation

  4.5 Stars

    ~ $1.7

Perfect Image Lactic Acid 50% Gel Peel

  Lactic Acid

  3.9 Stars

    ~ $1.5

Who is PCA Skin?

The company PCA Skin originated in 1990 and was started and developed by an aesthetician and dermatologist. They created the modified and enhanced Jessner’s peel and have continued to optimize their chemical peel treatment over the years.

They have an in house PhD chemist that researches and designs their formulations. PCA Skin offers individual products on top of their state of the art chemical peels that are performed professionally.

What is a PCA Peel for?

PCA designs their peels for those with wrinkles, lines, pigmented spots, uneven texture, thinning, scarring, acne, and sun damage. The chemical peel will allow fresh, new skin to come through by causing the outer layer of skin to peel off. This can have a small anti-aging effect, or just help smooth out the appearance of the skin and give it more consistent pigmentation.

What Happens After Getting a PCA Chemical Peel

Immediately after receiving treatment, your skin could be pink for up to a day after treatment. Your skin will glow more than usual during this period. After about 3 days post-treatment, your skin will start flaking and become tight and dry. From here to about 5 days post-treatment, you can moisturize your face throughout the day. You should not do any additional exfoliation until at least 10 days post-treatment. If there are any side effects, they will be minor, and similar to those described in our microdermabrasion side effects guide.​

Some Things to be sure of:

· Use sunscreen after treatment and stay out of the sun for the first two weeks post-treatment, as new skin is much more sensitive to sun damage

· It is recommended to purchase a post PCA Peel Kit for taking care of your skin after the peel

· It is recommended to not work out or exercise hard such as swimming, or other activities that would cause sweating for the first two days

· Do not go tanning for the first three week post-treatment

Real PCA Peel Before and After Images:

Before and After #1

pca peel before and after

Before and After #2

pca chemical peel

Before and After #3

pca peels

 Common Questions Regarding the PCA Chemical Peel

Who is Well Suited for a PCA Peel?

Anyone is a good candidate for receiving a chemical peel as long as they do not have the following conditions: people who are ill, women who are pregnant or nursing, people with cystic acne, or people with skin infections.

As long as you do not fall into any of those categories, you are good to go for chemical peels! Of course, I am not a doctor and you should always consult with a dermatologist or medical professional before receiving any form of treatment.  If you are unhappy with how your skin looks on your face, or even neck or hands, than PCA Chemical Peels are a great option for you.

What Advantages Do PCA’s Chemical Peels Hold over Others?

PCA Skin has formulated their peels to eliminate burning and minimize downtime. They claim them to be painless and quick, which may or may not hold true for other brands’ peels.

How to Get a PCA Chemical Peel

On PCA’s website, they have a Certified Professional Locator that will tell you where the closest office to you for treatment is. Input your zip code, and select the most convenient office to get your chemical peel at.

Other Ways to do PCA Peel

It is possible to purchase PCA “For Professionals” products online and use them yourself. Generally, you will need to find instructions on how to apply these because they do not come with them as they are resold by someone who got them as a professional.

One set of the PCA Peel for sale on Amazon had a 3.5 star review average, and it seemed to work just as well as going to an office to have it done professionally. Unless you are extremely fragile, I recommend that you go to a professional’s office however, just to make sure you get it done right.

How much does a PCA Skin Chemical Peel Cost?

Chemical peels in general cost between $150 and $600, but PCA ones are generally around $300. This is definitely more than microdermabrasion, but it is also more effective per-treatment than microdermabrasion would be, since you only have to do it once to see significant results. Overall, it is similar in cost to at home microdermabrasion, but keep in mind, you will pay for one treatment with a peel, while at home microdermabrasion will treat you many, many times.

Overview of PCA Chemical Peel Review


· Very effective, even from one treatment

· Will reduce fine lines, wrinkles, acne scarring, sunspots, and most other undesirable skin imperfections

· Can be done on the face, neck, and hands

· Simple procedure takes less than an hour and is non-invasive

· Many conveniently located offices, so you should not have to go very far to receive treatment

· PCA Skin has been doing this for over 25 years and is very reputable, so you can have peace of mind going into treatment that you will be getting quality care


· Can be considered expensive ($300) compared to at home treatments such as microdermabrasion

· Can cause some discomfort, especially just after the initial treatment

· Involves peeling of the skin for just a few days

· Will need to go to office to receive treatment

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