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One of the most sought-after remedies currently in the beauty industry is the TriLASTIN product called TriLASTIN SR. You have probably come here because you, like many, believe that only invasive procedures like surgery are capable of dealing with stretch marks.

Stretch marks are something that people have overhyped in severity as culture has become more and more concerned with a “perfect” body and appearance in the social media age. Luckily, the founders of TriLASTIN knew that surgery, lasers, or injections being the only solution to stretch marks was a myth and made the two-step system known as TriLASTIN SR and TriLASTIN-HT.

The main cause of the widespread acceptance of the stretch mark fallacy is the lack of the public knowing what stretch marks really are and what causes them. The general population believes that stretch marks are something that is an irreversible formation in the body’s tissues.

trilastin stretch mark cream

The providers of expensive stretch mark removal procedures would like to keep it this way so they can continue to make thousands every time someone comes in with stretch marks. TriLASTIN is less than $100. They do not want people to realize that they can spend that little because they would lose almost all of their business. And TriLASTIN is not the only stretch mark cream on the market, it is just the best one and the only one worthy of me writing a review.

What is a Stretch Mark?

trilastin sr

Of course, you already know what a stretch mark looks like and that it is caused by stretching of the skin due to a number of possible reasons. But knowing how they work in depth will help you understand how a cream could possibly help with them.

A stretch mark happens as a result of the skin’s elastic capabilities being exceeded through some form of trauma, whether it is acute or chronic. The most common causes of this are pregnancy and weight gains. There are other causes that frequently come up such as puberty, building muscle, hormonal therapy, or certain prescriptions such as TRT or HRT. The most common locations for stretch marks are the thighs, stomach, butt, low back, and breasts.

Some people think that stretch marks are sexy in a natural way, and some want them gone because they hurt their body confidence. I think both standpoints have their merits, but the people here reading this are likely to be a part of the latter group and looking into TriLASTIN.

trilastin reviews

Personally, I want to give a review of it because I am of the type that is worried about stretch marks and used TriLASTIN instead of getting a stretch mark procedure (too expensive). I think there are a lot of people like me that want their stretch marks gone but not bad enough to spend the thousands of dollars on a surgery or laser procedure. This is what pokes interest in TriLASTIN.

The other stretch mark OTC products I have tried in the past were not good enough to warrant me writing a review, especially since I would not want to recommend them to readers because they were pretty much a waste of money and time. These include the offerings from Mederma, Dermisa, and Mustela. TriLASTIN was the first one that made me say “wow, I think this stuff actually helped with my stretch marks.”

does trilastin work

What is TriLASTIN?

In reality TriLASTIN is the name of the company that makes and sells TriLASTIN SR, which is the product we are focused on in this review. It is for use by men, women, old young, dark, and light. Anyone can use TriLASTIN.

It was formulated with soothing the skin in mind and is not a particularly irritative or risky cream to use. Some of the great features of TriLASTIN SR include: unscented, non-greasy, doesn’t stain skin or clothing, paraben-free, non-sticky, and hypoallergenic.

The Second Part: TriLASTIN-HT

TriLASTIN strongly recommends you use the hydro-thermal accelerator in conjunction with the main cream for the best results. TriLASTIN-HT is designed to heat up the skin, open your pores, and prepare the skin for using TriLASTIN SR as effectively as possible. TriLASTIN recommends you do this two-step process twice a day. You will want to wash and clean the are you will be treating and make sure it is dried thoroughly before applying the creams.

trilastin results

TriLASTIN recommends you do this two-step process twice a day. You will want to wash and clean the are you will be treating and make sure it is dried thoroughly before applying the creams.

How Does TriLASTIN Work?

trilastin before and after

TriLASTIN SR uses many different things to reduce the appearance and severity of stretch marks. To Start, it has collagen rich microspheres, a custom mix of ingredients that are bioactive, a patch that is virtual of marine collagen, and the ingredients do the following: reduce the visual depth and length of the grooves of stretch marks, tighten loose and stretched skin, even skin tone out and make skin pigmentation more consistent, smooth the skin and help its suppleness, and improve skin elasticity (which helps prevent stretch marks in the future).

How Long Does TriLASTIN Take to Work?

The majority of users have started to notice results at around the 3 or 4 week mark after they started using the cream. After that point, results will become better and better with continued use over time, especially if using TriLASTIN HT hydro-thermal accelerator.

trilastin cream

What you will notice when using TriLASTIN is that your stretch marks will become less visible while the skin around them becomes tighter. Your skin pigmentation will lighten where the marks are darker than the surrounding skin. This will also make the stretch marks less noticeable.

With continued use of TriLASTIN, the stretch marks will continue to fade away until they become almost unnoticeable. To get to that point will take time. You have to continue using it consistently as directed by TriLASTIN.

Does TriLASTIN Work on Stretch Marks That are Light?

The older and lighter a stretch mark is the less improvement it is possible to make on. Do not worry though, it is still possible to see improvement on lighter and more established stretch marks.

trilastin sr stretch mark cream

You will just have to be patient and realize the results will eventually come, you just might not see them immediately at a month. Luckily TriLASTIN doesn’t charge too much for their cream so using it for a few months will still be cheaper than even some acne regimens.

Is it Safe to use on any Skin?

TriLASTIN is safe to use on any part of the body. It is safe for any skin tone and there is not a risk of bleaching. In fact, due to the design and formulation of this cream, it will not affect skin that isn’t stretch marked. There is no reason to worry about it lightening your skin if you do not apply it perfectly to only stretch marks.

TriLASTIN Reviews

I always like to read a lot of other people’s reviews of a product to make sure that my experience with it was not an outlier, that way I can make sure I am giving out the best and most true information possible.


The overall consensus on TriLASTIN SR is positive. The average rating on amazon is 3.1 out of 5 stars. For a beauty product marketed to do such a difficult task that is pretty good. The most frequent reviews of it say that after using it for a month they are very satisfied with the results.

Even people that did not have the accelerator saw great results for the most part in a month. It seems that the reviews are at least as good for people that used the accelerator, but many people did not use it.

The thing about TriLASTIN is that they offer a guaranteed results in 1 to 4 months or money back warrantee. This is quite unprecedented with a product of this nature. Many reviewers say they purchased it because of the warranty and figured they had nothing to lose. These people say after seeing the results they did, most starting at a month in, and had no desire whatsoever to send the cream back for a refund.

trilastin before and after photos

Most of the negative reviews from others are very short and one sentence, unfortunately not describing how long they tried using it for. My guess is that some people did not use it as directed or kept at it for long enough to see results. Some did legitimately say they used it for several months without the results they were looking for, but these reviews are few and far between.

Overall, the reviews were either 5 stars or 1 star which means that there are some outliers making the average review not a good indicator on how well TriLASTIN actually works. Based on my experience and everyone else’s experiences, I would give TriLASTIN a 4.5 star rating.

What is the Limit of TriLASTIN?

It is good to know what TriLASTIN is not capable of treating or improving so you don’t waste your money on it if your blemishes are out of the limits of this cream.

TriLASTIN will not remedy scars. It will not remove tattoos, wrinkles, fine lines, or sunspots like a pca chemical peelat home microdermabrasion or laser skin resurfacing are known to do. You must understand that TriLASTIN was designed from the ground up specifically to treat stretch marks, and it is darn good at what it does.

How to Take TriLASTIN to the Next Level

trilastin uk

It is known that combining this cream with micro needling can greatly improve its effectiveness. The reason micro needling helps so much is it helps the cream penetrate the skin more deeply and allow it to do a better job, much like how the hydro-thermal accelerator works, but on a deeper level.

I recommend you read a guide on micro needling to make sure you are getting the right tools and doing it right. When you allow TriLASTIN to penetrate past the dermal matrix it becomes uncorked and the true potential of its ingredients is realized, in my experience. It became probably 50% more effective when I used micro needling and the hydro-thermal booster before applying TriLASTIN SR.


Stretch marks are one of the biggest causes for body confidence problems, and traditional treatments for them are both expensive and invasive. Fortunately for the dermatology industry they have maintained the myth with the public that these traditional treatments are the only way to treat stretch marks. Some companies like Macroderma have tried coming onto the scene with stretch mark products, with some success financially but not so much for the consumer.

TriLASTIN SR is a legitimate method of getting rid of stretch marks. Not only is it proven by the consumer (not just the producer) to work at reducing stretch marks, but newer stretch marks can be almost taken to the point of being invisible! It is comparable in price to acne creams and other generic beauty creams, but has such a specific formulation that works in a scientific and effective way. The proof is in the pudding:

trilastin sr reviews

The best part about TriLASTIN is that all of the people that have confidence issues with big stretch marks on their thighs, breasts, or stomach now have an option to become confident in that part of your body without shelling out thousands of dollars on laser skin surgery or injections.

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